At Fusion Orthopedics, LLC, our goal is to design innovative medical devices that aim to accomplish three things: Improve procedure times in the operating room, enhance patient surgical outcomes, and maintain cost competitiveness.  One of the many products we offer is the patented Lapilock 4D Advanced Bunion Surgery which surgeons may use to correct your bunion.

Undergoing surgery is a major decision, patients should be well informed of the risks of surgery and the possible recovery times. The results of surgery will vary from patient to patient and from surgeon to surgeon. Not all patients are suitable for this specialized product and/or procedure. Only your physician, doctor, or surgeon can advise if the Lapilock 4D Advanced Bunion Surgery is appropriate for your specific circumstance.

Risks Associated with the Lapilock™ 4D Advanced Bunion Surgery ™ 

Individual results will vary with the Lapilock 4D Advanced Bunion Surgery, as with any other medical treatment. The potential risks, and recovery times vary from patient to patient. Potential risks include but are not limited to:

  1. Removal of the implants or revision surgery;
  2. Loss of fixation;
  3. Loosening, bending, cracking, or fracture of implants;
  4. Adverse reactions to foreign bodies;
  5. Pain, discomfort, or abnormal sensations due to the presence of implants;
  6. Infection;
  7. Decrease in bone density;
  8. Migration of implants or loosening of implants;
  9. Delayed / loss of correction or loss of anatomic position with nonunion or malunion;
    1. Nonunion is a fractured bone that has been unable to heal;
    1. Malunion is a fractured bone that has healed in an abnormal or less than optimal position;
  10. Delayed correction in alignment of the bones; and
  11. Bursitis or inflammation of the bursa sac which provides cushion and aids in reducing friction between tissues.

You are not a candidate for surgery if any of the following apply:

  1. Blood supply limitations, obesity, and inadequate quantity or quality of bone;
  2. Active Infection;
  3. Mental or neurologic conditions inhibiting the ability to follow postoperative care directions; or
  4. Known sensitivity to implantation of a foreign body or the implant materials.
    1. Where material sensitivity is suspected, testing is to be done before implantation of the device.

Please consult your physician, doctor, or surgeon if any of the above circumstances exist.

You are not a candidate for the Lapilock 4D Advanced Bunion Surgery if the following applies:

  1. Pediatric patient aged less than 12 years of age; or
  2. Adolescent patients between 12-21 years of age where implantation will cross open growth plates in skeletally immature patients.

As outlined above, only a physician, doctor, or surgeon can recommend if the Lapilock 4D Advanced Bunion Surgery is right for you. Please discuss with your physician, doctor, or surgeon for a comprehensive understanding of the associated risks of this surgery including, but not limited to, the risks outlined herein. To do so, you may follow this link to Find a Doctor who performs Lapilock 4D Advanced Bunion Surgery near you.*

Postsurgical Care

Proper postsurgical care in accordance with your surgeon’s directions is crucial to a patient’s successful recovery. As with any implant, there are limitations of the implant and failure to follow the prescribed physical activity directions has been connected to premature failure of similar devices. For more information on the recovery process with the new Lapilock 4D Advanced Bunion Surgery, follow this link to Surgery Recovery. Please discuss with your surgeon for a complete understanding the postsurgical care associated with the specialized Lapilock 4D Advanced Bunion Surgery.

The information provided herein, as well as on , is available for your analysis in preparing for your discussion with a qualified surgeon. You should thoroughly read and review the information on the risks connected to the Lapilock 4D Advanced Bunion Surgery and as well as discuss any questions you may have with your physician, doctor, or surgeon so that you can make an educated decision as to whether the Lapilock 4D Advanced Bunion Surgery is the best option for you.

* By clicking search, you understand, acknowledge, and agree that: (1) Fusion Orthopedics, LLC is providing this listing as a courtesy, and Fusion Orthopedics, LLC has no vested interest in any specific surgeons, doctors, physicians or facilities, nor do we provide any recommendation, assurance, warranty or guarantee with respect to their services and expertise; (2) the surgeons encompassed in this listing are surgeons who have completed a Lapilock 4D Advanced Bunion Surgery  System training course in person or virtually; and (3) you, as the patient, are responsible for making an independent evaluation of the credentials of these surgeons and whether these surgeons fit your specific needs, conditions and expectancies.

The information contained herein regarding the Lapilock 4D Advanced Bunion Surgery is general information and does not signify or constitute medical advice, guidance, diagnosis or recommendations and is only for general informational and educational purposes. This information includes descriptions of a medical device that a surgeon may choose to utilize on patients when performing bunion correction surgery.

Fusion Orthopedics, LLC offers medical devices, including but not limited to, metal plates and screws, and biologics that may be used by your surgeon during the Lapilock 4D Advanced Bunion Surgery. We do not practice medicine and do not provide medical advice; all questions regarding your medical condition and medical needs must be directed to your physician(s), doctor(s) and surgeon(s).

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Break-through Bunion Surgery is finally here with the FDA cleared Lapilock 4D Advanced Bunion Surgery

Bunion surgery requires the realignment of your toe and a surgical implant to fuse the unstable joint. The patented Lapilock 4D Advanced Bunion Surgery by Fusion Orthopedics provides the necessary realignment and 13+ unique implant options for bunion surgery depending on patient preference and needs.