Important Announcement to Patients: Fusion Orthopedics is aware that some surgeons are representing that they perform the Lapilock™ 4D Advanced Bunion Surgery™ procedure, but with substitute instrumentation and implants not designed by Fusion Orthopedics to be used in the Lapilock™ 4D Advanced Bunion Surgery™ procedure. Don’t put your health at risk by using instrumentation and implants not developed for use in the Lapilock™ 4D Advanced Bunion Surgery™ Procedure, ask your surgeon if they are using the Lapilock™ Surgery designed, manufactured and patent pending by Fusion Orthopedics. If they are not, then they are not performing Lapilock™4D Advanced Bunion Surgery™ Procedure and your results may vastly deviate from a typical Lapilock™ 4D Advanced Bunion Surgery ™ Procedure.

Listed surgeons are known foot and/or ankle specialists often not trained by Fusion Orthopedics on the Lapilock™ 4D Advanced Bunion Surgery ™, have not paid a fee to be listed, have a Fusion Orthopedics sale representative but are identified by their general geographic proximity to the location you enter, and may or may not be paid consultants of Fusion Orthopedics. Fusion Orthopedics is not advocating that you utilize any particular surgeon, and encourages you to make an independent determination regarding the qualifications and suitability of a surgeon. By using the Find a Doctor tool, you acknowledge the foregoing.